Tips To Make Students Engaged When They Learn Quran Online


Teaching Quran is different from teaching other subjects. Teaching Quran online is also different from teaching Quran face to face. As a teacher, you should be expert in teaching Quran online. You must know how to teach online. You must also know how to keep your students engaged during the online Quran class. Your aim should be that you must enable the students learn all the basic skills regarding reading and pronouncing the Quran. If you want your students to efficiently learn Quran online, you must teach them about fluency, rhythm, articulation, stress and stretch etc.
How To Keep The Students Engaged?
Some important points to keep your students engaged with the online lessons are as follows
Give Proper Attention
Besides these teaching skills and knowledge, there are some important steps that you can take to keep them engaged.  The most important thing is to give them proper attention. For giving proper attention it is important to conduct the class on one to one basis. In this way you can attend each student and keep him/her engaged during the lesson. It is common for the students to feel bore. The individual attention will keep them busy and they will interact with you.
Make The Lessons Interesting
The second thing that you can do is to make the lessons interesting for the students. If the lessons are interesting, the students will remain engaged. The lessons should be activity based especially if you are teaching kids. If the students feel bore, their progress will also be slow. The teacher will then feel frustrated and there will be no efficient learning. It is therefore very important for the teacher to make the lessons interesting for the students. The teacher must not torture the students passively.
Ask Students’ Problems
As a teacher you must understand the minds of students. Some students are fast and some are slow. You should therefore give online lessons and proceed according to the minds of students. If a student is not learning anything online, allow her/him to share the problem with you. This will result in improving the relationship with you and his/her learning will also improve.
Teach Them How To Learn Online
As online learning is the new concept so many students are not aware of this mode of learning. You should educate your students and teach them the skills to learn Quran on the internet. First time, the student may not learn very quickly. Let the students take some time in understanding what you want to deliver. Give them clear guidelines.  Try to create the environment similar to the environment of the physical classroom.
These are some of the helpful tips to keep your students engaged during the online Quran lessons.  The students must not feel uncomfortable as the teacher is not in front of them. The teachers should polish their skills of online teaching so that the students can learn Quran online in an effective manner. It is very important that the students should be serious during their learning process.