How To Learn Mental Maths For Quick Calculations


Mathematics is everywhere! If you go to a shop or a mall or a roadside vendor, maths is required. No matter if you are a student or a professional, mental calculation is a key factor. This mental arithmetic possesses a significant consideration in daily life. If a student is inquisitive in learning mental math, then he/she has to live maths. Eat Math. Drink math. Sleep Math. However, few students may find it difficult to remember the formulas and BODMAS rule which is the basic fundamental of this subject? Longing to turn your brain into a human calculator? Follow the below-mentioned tricks to become a wizard in mental math.

  • Pick difficult multiplication – Always pick large numbers to multiply. This improves the pace of calculating. No matter how many attempts you fail, keep trying.
  • Breakdown the problem – Make sure that the problem is cut into small bits and pieces. Most of the intimidating mental math can be broken down into bits to crack it easily. This helps in better understanding and makes the computation easier and faster.
  • Shortcuts – Try to take shortcuts whenever you find it possible. “There are certain types of problems for which there are shortcuts to get an answer quickly.” – Benjamin.
  • Use own strategies – It is easy to learn and calculate when the own tricks are implemented. Use a different methodology and real-time scenarios while learning like cube and cuboid, spheres or squares. That definitely helps one to compute much quicker.
  • Practice – Mathematics is all about practice. The more you practise faster the computations can happen.

The basic strategy behind this is basic math rules. These fundamental tips can help kids to learn mathematics and urge them to express more interest towards the subject. To know more, subscribe to BYJU’S YouTube channel –